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SMART Introduces a New Class of Interactive Whiteboard

Advanced partner SMART is pleased to introduce the SMART Board™ 800 series interactive whiteboard, a new  series that will provide the most natural and intuitive user experience yet on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. By enabling two students to work simultaneously on the board, the new 800 series extends the company’s leading interactive whiteboard product line to offer true student collaboration. The SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard recognizes common multitouch gestures currently recognized in Microsoft® Windows® 7 and Mac Snow Leopard®. SMART Notebook™ 10.7 collaborative learning software will support certain features, such as freestyle interactions, touch gestures and full object awareness upon the release of updated software (SMART Notebook 10.7) expected by March 2011, which will allow SMART Board 800 series users to take full advantage of gestures while working through SMART Notebook lesson activities. This SMART Board interactive whiteboard will allow two students to write with a pen, erase with their palms, and move objects with their fingers without a multimode mode selection.

  Multitouch experience Enables two users to interact with the interactive whiteboard simultaneously with no special tools or multimode mode selection required
  Freestyle interaction * – Enables two users to work together, performing different tasks, anywhere on the board (SMART Notebook software version 10.7 only)
  SMART ink Ink-smoothing algorithms make handwritten annotations look smoother and more refined
  Touch gestures * – Accepts common multitouch gestures currently recognized in Microsoft Windows 7 and Mac Snow Leopard, including one- and two-finger gestures, such as pinching, zooming and tossing. Gestures will be available for use in Notebook lesson activities after the release of SMART Notebook software version 10.7
  Object awareness – Distinguishes between a touch input and object input, recognizing two different input devices – such as a pen tool and a touch input – for a more natural user experience
  Multiuser Pen Tray Enables two users to pick up and use a pen tool and begin writing. Easy-to-use buttons on the Pen Tray make switching ink color, right-mouse clicks and accessing the on-screen keyboard effortless
  Durable surface – Surface is optimized for projection, producing no hot spots, and is compatible with dry-erase markers
  Modular design – Pen Tray enables the quick and easy integration of accessories, such as SMART projector controls
  Locking pen mode – Locks the SMART Board interactive whiteboard in pen mode so students can write, draw and make annotations with a finger, pen tool or other object
  Warranty – Includes two-year standard warranty and five-year warranty with product registration
  SMART product integration Seamless integration with the full range of SMART hardware and software products, including SMART Notebook software version 10.6 or later. Full gesture recognition and multiuser functionality is available using SMART Notebook 10.7 collaborative learning software

* Feature will be supported in SMART Notebook software upon release of updated software (SMART Notebook 10.7), expected by March 2011.

For more information on pricing or to request a demonstration, please contact Advanced Presentation Products at 1-800-436-6239.

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Advanced Partner SMART launches Interactive Display for Business

  6052i Hero

SMART Board interactive display 

Advanced Presentation Products partner SMART launches the SMART Board™ 6052i interactive display for business. The SMART Board™ 6052i is a touch-enabled LCD display designed to give you access to digital materials in your meetings and make interacting with your notes a more intuitive and engaging experience. The 6052i combines a professional-grade LCD display with SMART’s DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology to give you a large, high-quality display that you can easily operate using a finger or the pencil tool. This widescreen, projector-free system also supports HD and eliminates shadows, improving both the visibility and impact of your notes and visuals.

Efficient meetings bring results

With the 6052i, your team members have immediate access to their digital files and applications, so they can begin collaborating immediately, then save all their notes to share later. This interactive display gives you the freedom to write in digital ink in commonly used applications, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and save all your notes in one file – complete with digital markups. You can then save your file to a USB drive or e-mail it immediately, right from the interactive display.

The 6052i helps improve the effectiveness of your meetings, reduces the amount of time your team members spend transcribing and compiling notes, and helps them gain consensus easily.

Technology that’s easy to use

SMART Board interactive display frame - Pen

SMART’s award-winning DViT technology is at the center of the SMART Board 6052i interactive display. It gives you the ability to use either your finger or the pencil tool to accurately write notes and interact with applications. You can use touch gestures on the interactive display to scroll through documents and zoom in on applications or presentations. And the intuitive touch capability of the 6052i ensures there’s a minimal learning curve.

 Simple installation and easy maintenance

The 6052i features a one-piece, integrated design. It’s ready to be installed right out of the box, making installation quick and easy. As a projector-free system, the interactive display doesn’t require bulbs and filters, which reduces its maintenance requirements. The 6052i is also capable of handling all-day, every day use, making it ideal for your high-traffic meeting and training rooms.

6052i Attachment Products

Works well with others

You can easily integrate the 6052i into your meeting rooms, because it’s compatible with your existing meeting room technology, including video conferencing systems, DVD players and Blu-ray players. And you can easily integrate other SMART products, like SMART Hub collaboration appliance and SMART Bridgit conferecing software, to accommodate your evolving meeting and training needs.

Download PDF

For more information on the SMART Board Interactive Display, please contact Advanced Presentation Products at 1-800-436-6239 or e-mail .

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