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One millionth SMART Board™ rolls off the production line

Advanced Inc. technology partner SMART hits major milestone

Advanced Inc. technology partner SMART hits major milestone, one millionth SMART Board™ rolls off the production line
The SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system.

Advanced Inc. technology partner SMART Technologies has announced that the one millionth SMART Board interactive whiteboard has now rolled off the company’s Ottawa production line. They are the first interactive whiteboard manufacturer to reach this significant milestone selling about 70 percent more interactive whiteboards than its closest competitor over the last 17 years.

Assembled in a state-of-the-art, 24,155 square meter (260,000 square foot) facility in Ottawa, Ontario, the company has steadily expanded its operations to meet increasing global demand for its wide range of popular education, training and collaboration products.

SMART’s co-founder and executive chairman, David Martin, commented, “Since we first conceptualized the interactive whiteboard, we saw the potential for the product in numerous teaching, learning and collaboration environments”. He added, “It’s rewarding to know that a growing number of customers have come to appreciate the product’s benefits, and we’re very pleased to have reached this milestone as a Canadian-based company with global reach.”

SMART also acknowledges the strong contributions its suppliers have made in reaching this notable milestone. To that effect, Advanced Inc. is committed to maintaining its strong business relationship with SMART in order to continue providing our customers with a top brand range of leading products backed up by first class support.

Advanced Inc. are extremely proud to be closely associated with a true global leader and innovator and look forward to playing a significant role in helping the next million interactive whiteboards roll off the production line and into the marketplace.

For more information on how SMART Board interactive whiteboard technologies can help your business or place of learning, contact Advanced Presentation Products or call (800) 436-6239.

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Say goodbye to conventional projector technology…

…and say hello to Advanced Inc. business partner, FogScreen, the company that has “changed projection technology forever”.

FogScreen Projection Technology. It’s as simple as it is stunning.

While innovation is a given within the audio visual industry, every once in a while something comes along that completely changes the way we look at things – like digital projection for instance. After all, a digital projector is just a digital projector right? Not when you get your hands on the limitless possibilities that FogScreen’s projection technology offers.

Using nothing more than tap water and ultrasonic waves, these ground-breaking, attention-grabbing displays consist of a thin curtain of ‘dry’ fog that serves as a translucent projection screen to display images that literally float in the air. The unique FogScreen projection screen technology creates a smooth misty airflow that captures images just like a conventional screen to create ‘walk through magic’.

The difference is that, not only can you walk right through a FogScreen projection screen, but you don’t even get wet.

This brand new way to project images allows you to look at projection technology like never before.

No more fixed screens at restaurants or nightclubs, nor at museums, casinos or any other venue where visual stimulation is not just a requirement but a necessity. And what about the big launch for your flagship product? Or maybe your annual trade show in which you want to make a huge impression?

If you’re looking to make your mark, such as creating an unforgettable branding experience, look no further than renting a FogScreen projection solution from Advanced Products Group of Toronto.

FogScreen. One company. Two products. Limitless possibilities.

Read more about FogScreen from Advanced Inc. here.

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