What can plasma and LCD TV screens do for bar owners?

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Leverage the power of top quality audio visual systems for your bar

Bar owners or operators who are not already in the process of investing in large format TV screens for their establishments should consider making the change very soon or they could risk losing customers to the bar down the street that boasts snazzy, big screen units.

However, once the bar owner does decide it’s time to make the switch to the new screen technologies, the first question they are faced with is whether to go for plasma or LCD units.

Plasma or LCD?

Like most technologies, there are positives and negatives associated with each type. For example, there is a consensus that plasmas are better at displaying blacks (resulting in improved contrast) while others argue that plasma is superior when it comes to viewing angles.

LCDs, on the other hand, have a higher native resolution which is a huge selling point for HD (High Definition) enthusiasts. As for the environmentally conscious, LCDs typically consume less power and are said to last longer, although plasmas do appear to have caught up in this regard recently.

The quality factor

Another important consideration for the bar owner is the quality of the units. While brand name units can typically cost 20% to 30% more than models intended for home use, they are much more durable and able to withstand the demands placed on them in a bar environment. Home units are typically intended to be powered on for around 4 – 6 hours a day, while the premium units are ready to go all day and night.

The professional units also come with superior warranties which will come in handy should maintenance or repair become an issue. Although prices on the high-end screens continue to drop, bar owners who wait for prices to fall further may already have lost customers by the time they finally get on board.

Atmosphere is key

Sean Russo, the Assistant General Manager at Toronto’s ‘Loose Moose Tap & Grill’, is extremely happy with his bar’s new audio visual implementation from AV presentation specialists Advanced Inc. The recently renovated bar boasts two floors that each showcase nine, flat screen 42″ seamless plasma sets. He says the clarity of the picture is amazing, especially for hockey. He says, “The ice just pops off the screen.”

Located near both the Rogers Center and the Air Canada Center in downtown Toronto, the Loose Moose is a favorite watering hole for both the pre- and post-game crowd. Russo says that the new TVs have been so popular that he’s also retaining a large portion of the crowd during games.

While sports is obviously one of the best ways to get a good return with these screens, it’s not the only way. Russo says his in-bar DJs can mix music videos on the screens as they spin tunes, something they like to do when a key sporting event is not the focal point on the televisions.

Great sets for the great outdoors

And what about unit that work just as well outside? A new product that addresses this untapped market is the AQUiVO weather resistant LCD unit. Andrew Salamon, general manager for Advanced Products Group, is really excited about the revolutionary television. “Owners and operators are now able to entertain their patrons on the patio without the fear of compromising the technology due to the weather. Our displays can be left outside in cold or hot temperatures.”

The all-weather unit can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. It is 1080p, meaning the high definition picture is crisp and vibrant, while a tempered anti-glare filament is able to absorb bright sun rays.

Salamon adds, “The return on the investment will be noted immediately. Having a sporting event playing in an outdoor atmosphere, close to the food and drink, is a highly desirable situation.” In summary, he says that, “Almost all bar and restaurant owners that have a patio and make use of the AQUiVO displays, will find their patrons will stay longer, spend more, and continue to come back time and time again.”

Inside or outside, for bar owners and operators who are still ‘sitting on the fence’, this is an investment they probably can’t afford to ignore.

If you’re a bar owner or operator and are considering leveraging the power of top quality audio visual systems for your business, contact the specialists today or call Advanced Products Group on (905) 502-1110.

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