HDTV Maintenance

The beauty of an high definition TV (HDTV) is that their maintenance isn’t actually all that difficult. You will, however, have to be careful of what you can do and how to do it.

A microfibre cloth is the ideal cleaning implement since they don’t attract dust and leave zero lint behind. They can be effective at wiping a surface clean and are also good at picking up oil residue that tends to stick on the screen surface when grubby hands make contact.

Start by gently cleaning along the edges of the screen, corner to corner. Then use the same pattern until you get to the centre. If there’s any leftover dust or blemishes, gently rub over those areas again until you get the desired results. Fingerprints and other marks can sometimes be a nuisance to eliminate but just be patient and rub them off in slow, deliberate swipes. You can dampen the cloth a little bit with warm water, if you want, but not too much or excess water could affect the screen.

From there, it’s usually best to use the other side of the cloth to wipe down the rest of the TV, including the stand. After you’re done, put it in a glass of hot water (with no soap) and leave it there for an hour or so. Take it out, rinse the excess water and hang to dry. When it’s ready, it’ll be exactly as it was before and ready to use again.

Adapted from PC World Canada

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