Crestron Introduces New CEN-UPS1250 Power Conditioner

crestron CEN-UPS1250Designed to protect and monitor any fully integrated system, Crestron® recently introduced its new CEN-UPS1250: an intelligent, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and power conditioner.

The CEN-UPS1250 is designed to seamlessly integrate with the award-winning Crestron RoomView® Software and any 2-Series control system, creating a reliable backup power solution with the ability to monitor conditions such as power line integrity, rack temperature and backup battery life. The status is then reported locally, via a touchpanel and/or via RoomView to a help desk operator, or even via automatic emails to selected individuals.

Ideal for use with control systems, media servers, video displays and other vital components, the CEN-UPS1250 instantly transfers power to battery backup in the event of power failure while also protecting components from power spikes, ensuring that data and system settings are not lost and that presentations or other mission critical operations are not interrupted. This monitoring and reporting functionality of the CEN-UPS1250 allows integrators to optimize system performance, eliminate problems caused by power fluctuations, such as reduced lamp life and plasma failure, and afford a superior level of system control in any scenario.

The CEN-UPS1250 uses a Pure Sine Wave Battery Backup to ensure optimized, uninterrupted component performance, regardless of equipment sensitivity. One CEN-UPS1250 can power an entire enclosure full of equipment for several minutes without interruption and, in the event of a prolonged power outage, can properly manage an automatic shutdown of components.

With Crestron RoomView® software, users have an unprecedented level of monitoring and control options for the CEN-UPS1250 right at their fingertips. In the event of a power disruption, users are immediately notified of a problem and can quickly and safely power down and restart the system from any touchpanel or PC on the network. The CEN-UPS1250 also monitors and reports on a wide range of conditions, including line voltage, output voltage, frequency, voltage regulation status, system load, internal temperature, ambient temperature, relative humidity and battery condition. Integrators have the added option of pre-programming safe operating temperature limits so that if a room or rack exceeds these limits, the user receives a warning notification and a prompt for further action.

The CEN-UPS1250 provides power line protection on its 12 120V outlets, which are organized in four banks. Each bank is specifically configured for a specific type of device – digital, display, analog and hi-current – and electrically isolated to prevent noise on one bank from reaching devices connected to a neighboring bank. Integrators also have the option of programming up to 10 seconds of delay adjustment between banks to provide sequential switching for components that must power up and down in proper order.

The CEN-UPS1250 also includes and provides surge protection for two separate coax lines and one telephone line so that integrators have the ability to account for televisions, cable and satellite receivers and conferencing devices. Additionally, the CEN-UPS1250 includes built-in EMI and RFI noise filtering to eliminate electromagnetic and radio frequency interference that can negatively impact sound and video quality.

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