Ultra-thin OLED TV to hit the market

According to BBC news – Sony are due to release “an ultra-thin television” that is “brighter and crisper than current generation screens”

The TV, which is due to go on sale in December uses organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) to produce the image, resulting in a screen only 3mm thick.

OLED screens are said-t0-be more energy efficient than the popular LCD panels – as they do not need a backlight to boost brightness.

The BBC also states that it is  “difficult and expensive” to make large screens using the [OLED] technology. Sony’s first OLED TV costs £850 (roughly $1700 CAD) and has an 11 inch display.

OLED screens are brighter than LCD panels and also have better contrast ratio – resulting in sharper pictures.

The diodes emit a brilliant white light when attached to an electricity supply and are also being developed for use as replacements to traditional light bulbs.

Sony has hailed the new television as a signal of its returning strength as a technology innovator.

Sony’s president, Ryoji Chubachi said at a news conference at its Tokyo headquarters: “Some people have said attractive products are slow to come at Sony despite its technological strength”

He added:”I want this world’s first OLED TV to be the symbol of the revival of Sony’s technological prowess.

“I want this to be the flag under which we charge forward to turn the fortunes around.”

Sony’s executive deputy president, Katsumi Ihara said: “I don’t think OLED TVs will replace LCD TVs overnight. But I do believe this is a type of technology with very high potential, something that will come after LCD TVs.”

The new TV goes on sale in Japan on 1 December. There are no plans for a global launch as yet.

The OLED TV has a lifespan of about 30,000 hours of viewing – half that of Sony’s LCD televisions.

(Reference BBC News)

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