Understanding Visualizers

So, what is a visualizer? Visualizers or document cameras are electronic imaging tools for displaying 3-D objects, artwork, printed material or live subjects. They provide the means for large or small audiences to see details which would be impossible to see either due to the limitation of the human eye, subject size, the surroundings or remoteness of the subject being viewed.

They facilitate collaboration between colleagues, either remotely or locally and are extremely effective in helping people absorb and retain information through display technology.

Forget Overhead Projectors

Unlike overhead projectors, specially-prepared slides, transparencies or vu-foils are not required. Visualizers can show documents, books – and many other objects – directly. Entire pages can be shown or minute details zoomed into. Many original OHP transparencies or vu-foils, can still be used and presented using Visualizers.

Ceiling Mounted Visualizers

Certainly impressive in specification and use is the ceiling mounted visualizer where the basic idea is to keep the speaker’s table or lectern free, so that nothing disturbs the view between the speaker and audience. In various situations, it would be impossible to place everything the audience is supposed to see on a working surface of a “Desktop Visualizer”. A Ceiling Visualizer is the ideal solution for such applications and in addition, the visualizer can be completely hidden in a suspended ceiling. There are no cables from the table to the ceiling and objects to be imaged can be even larger.

Numerous Applications

Today we see visualizers interacting with computers, interactive hardware and video conferencing, enabling communicators to deliver their subject matter with greater impact. They facilitate collaboration on a local or global scale enabling efficient and extremely timely decision making.

Some of the most common application for visualizers are:

  • Legal/Law enforcement
  • Corporate/Business Industry
  • Education
  • Medical

At Advanced, we carry visualizers from: Elmo, Wolfvision and Toshiba

Whatever the application you are looking for, Advanced can assist you in selecting the ideal visualizer for your industry. For more information on visualizers, go to www.visualizerexperts.com .

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